Two Meatballs Dine around Chicago


oprah2.jpgThe Final evening in the windy city live up to it’s reputation. After a book signing and wine tasting at Sam’s wine and spirits in Lincoln Park we headed off to the old town Brasserie. The fare at this local pit stop was excellent with the trio of pate’s being the winner. Our tour guide was the folks at Chicago gourmet, who were able to get the two meatballs a reservation at the hottest ticket in town. Dinner at Table 52 the new restaurant from Art Smith Oprah’s chef for ten years. The small cozy restaurant on Chicago’s gold coast was buzzing with Oprah’s adoring fan’s. Art’s southern background and hospitality dazzled us with the evening ending by the two meatballs trading cookbooks with the world most famous personal chef. Next stop Vancouver Canada and the two meatballs going international.


Chicago Gourmet and Chef John Coletta make the Two Meatballs shine!


chic-i.jpgDon Newcomb and Jim Price hosted The Two Meatballs at Quartino
Restaurant last night for a meatball and wine tasting feast. Both of
the Two Meatballs agreed (for once) that chef John “hit the meatball on
the head” by replicating each dish to perfection. The one telltale
sign for Pino was that John reproduced the Jewish style artichokes that tasted as if
we were sitting in Rome. The evening was made special when two former
co-workers (both now chefs in their own kitchens) attended the event.
The event was also attended by sixty of Chicago’s top foodies, who enjoyed a
tasting of both meatballs, Chicken Scarpriello, Braised Lamb Shoulder.
Spicy Shrimp Scampi and Tuscan Seafood Saute’. The evening ended on a
sweet note with Chef John’s Zeppole, dark chocolate and carmel fonduta,
and Pino’s “Ugly But Good” cookies. The fonduta was supposed to be dipped with
fresh seasonal fruit, but all the guests could not stop themselves
from dipping the cookies into the chocolate! The evening ended with
Mark and Pino signing 40 books while sipping a glasses of Banfi Rosa
Regale and watching the Red Sox and Indians battle. Chicago has
been a amazing stop on the tour for Mark, and a chance to renew my love
for this great food and baseball town. The meatballs truck on!

The Two Meatballs love Martha


After our national appearance on the Martha Stewart Show Amazon ranks us # 2 in the Italian category and # 2 in professional go Martha more from Chicago later.

Two Meatballs land in Chicago


chic-1.jpgThe windy city is full of wonderful memories and history for the two meatballs. January 2008 will mark the sixteen-year birthday of Coco Pazzo Chicago and a long stroll through this beautiful American city reminded us of the years we worked together. A day off from the grueling schedule allowed us to eat, drink and laugh of our time here together and the antics of our cooking youth. We topped the day off with a Dinner at Coco Pazzo where Sergio wined and dinned us on the fare that Pino and mark created years early. Wild boar, grilled mushrooms and Pino enjoyed the famous Polletto alla Mattone before we called it a night. With two busy days ahead of us it was nice to go back in the past and see that Coco is still busy and has not skipped a beat. Thursday is back to business, going to bookstores to sign stock and watch our segments on Martha Stewart then topping off the evening with a book signing and Dinner at Quartino Restaurant at 626 N. State St. The restaurant will be offering fare from the cookbook and wines from Banfi estate.

See you their!

Two meatballs in Cincinnati


cinn.jpgFirst their was WKRP and now two meatballs are in Cincinnati for one world win day. The day begins on a high note, we shot a news segment on the local ABC. noon news. The anchor Tanya had trouble with her meatballs she proclaimed but was able to handle these two guys easy so both meatballs shined in front of the camera(as always). Then off on a book signing rampage to all the local Barnes and Nobles between Cincinnati and Dayton Ohio. The evening finished with a threesome, book signing, meatball contest and a dinner at Brio restaurant a local chain in Beaver creek Ohio. Books and Co. hosted the meatball contest where a local lady destroyed the chef of Brio by adding a simple but Italian ingredient, fennel seed. Pino and I awarded her the prize hands down and after having dinner at the restaurant we were thrilled she won. Ohio is a buzz with meatballs and baseball, both of which are close to my heart.

see you in Chicago

Two Meatballs hit the road


philly.jpgThis meatball hits the road today for the second phase of the two meatballs book tour. Last week we were in three cities in three days. Last Thursday after filming the today show with Al Roker we hit Amtrak en route to our first event in Boston. The wine dinner was hosted by our long time friend Michael Schlow at Via Matta restaurant. The sold out crowd enjoyed tastes from the new book Two meatballs in the Italian kitchen (artisan) while each guest received a copy. The wines that evening were from our good friends at Banfi. The event was attended by Boston’s food crowd including Local sports figures. The owners of the Boston Red sox attended the event a perfect way to keep their minds off the series with the Indians.

The debate began with who’s meatballs are better politics withstanding the crowd enjoyed both and having mine in tomato sauce does give me an advantage. Pictures to follow

see you in Cincinnati