Two Meatballs land in Chicago

chic-1.jpgThe windy city is full of wonderful memories and history for the two meatballs. January 2008 will mark the sixteen-year birthday of Coco Pazzo Chicago and a long stroll through this beautiful American city reminded us of the years we worked together. A day off from the grueling schedule allowed us to eat, drink and laugh of our time here together and the antics of our cooking youth. We topped the day off with a Dinner at Coco Pazzo where Sergio wined and dinned us on the fare that Pino and mark created years early. Wild boar, grilled mushrooms and Pino enjoyed the famous Polletto alla Mattone before we called it a night. With two busy days ahead of us it was nice to go back in the past and see that Coco is still busy and has not skipped a beat. Thursday is back to business, going to bookstores to sign stock and watch our segments on Martha Stewart then topping off the evening with a book signing and Dinner at Quartino Restaurant at 626 N. State St. The restaurant will be offering fare from the cookbook and wines from Banfi estate.

See you their!


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