Bagel video

watch me make New York City bagels and teach you how to make them at home.  After researching I have found that a good bagel does not exsist anymore.  It is a dead art and hopefully I will start to bring them back. You can taste the bagels at All three Fred’s enjoy


2 Responses to Bagel video

  1. James MacGuire says:

    Hi Mark,
    Thanks for being in touch. Alas, don’t do facebook, so please contact me directly.
    Best wishes,

  2. Peter Hardy says:

    Hello Chef
    My name is Peter and I started up Puerto Vallarta’s 1st Bagel Bakery down here in Mexico … I came here from Toronto Canada to find they did not have REAL bagels. I watched your video and from that Vallarta Bagel World was born …
    I just started Jan 2012 and its been a succes already … Everyone loves the flavor and texture ..
    Thanx from Puerto Vallarta

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