LA. Times


4 Responses to LA. Times

  1. FABIO says:

    hello mark thanks for your bagel recipe. why my bagels doestn float?
    i think they are very heavy why thanks fabio

  2. Joe Anderson says:

    Mark, I am so happy to know just how well you have done. When I knew you, you were in culinary school and working as a beer salesman at Forbee Brothers. I was your sales manager, Joe Anderson. You might recall that I called you “Rock” and it was because I had then recognized your resolve and determination. I hope that you are happy and healthy. Please be well,

    Joe Anderson

    • mstrausman says:

      Yes I do remember and thanks for all the support. I have such fond memories from Forbee bros. It was a great time in my life and I just loved the being there. I learned a lot about the industry and people in that job. Please let me know if you stop by Freds. Are you still with Forbee?
      thanks for the wonderful comment
      warmest regards

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